About Fitz Roofing

Fitz Roofing Was Launched with a Mission of “Making a Difference One Home at a Time” 

Our priority and responsibility is to provide an experience like no other within the contracting industry. We are committed to providing unsurpassed customer service and to using the highest quality products in each and every roofing system installed.

Our community is the driving force of our business. We understand your homes are built and purchased to protect your families as well as your most valued assets. We also understand that everyone has unique needs. Some clients strictly desire a basic system to shelter their families and belongings. Others are looking to add aesthetic appeal, while yet others are seeking energy efficiency. We are dedicated to guiding each client start-to-finish through the process of selecting the perfect roofing system that fits their needs and visions. Thank you in advance for trusting in Fitz Roofing and helping us “Making a Difference One Home at a Time.”

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At Fitz Roofing, we measure our success by how much we give back- not by how much we profit.

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